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Students are required to report to school always in the prescribed uniform. Parents are requested to go through the details of the uniform as given below. Strict adherence to the following specifications is expected from the pupils. Pupils must come to school in neat and well pressed school uniforms. Those coming in crumpled or stained uniforms or unpolished shoes are liable to be sent back home or fined.

Shirt-white half sleeved (tie collar) Shirt-white half sleeved (tie collar)
Trouser/half pant-grey Skirt-grey
Shoes-black with laces Cycling shorts-black
Socks-navy blue with white stripes Shoes-black with laces/buckles
School belt-navy blue Socks-navy blue with red & white stripes
  School belt-navy blue
Shirt-white full sleeved (tie collar) Shirt-white full sleeved (tie collar)
Trousers-grey Skirt-grey
Pullover-light grey with white & maroon striped border at neck, sleeves & full sleeved Pullover-light grey with white & maroon striped border at neck, sleeves &
Blazer – Maroon with school crest Blazer – Maroon with school crest
Muffler-black Muffler-black
Cap –black Cap –black
Shoes-black with laces Shoes-black with laces
Socks-navy blue with white stripes Socks-navy blue with red & white stripes
School belt-navy blue Tights-black (P.N. No stockings will be permitted)
  School belt-navy blue
Trousers must be according to the school pattern. Long hair is to be tied up with black hair bands.
Boys are not to wear coloured vests. No fancy earrings, bangles, or finger rings, to be worn.
Boys to wear school colour shorts/half pants up to and inclusive of class VI. Trousers are compulsory from Class VII onwards. Growing of nails and using of nail polish is forbidden.
  Girls must wear cycling shorts in summer and tights in winter (not stockings).
  Carrying cosmetics, is not permitted
T-Shirt: House Colour, half Sleeved, Tie Collar/Half Pants/Trousers/Skirt-White; School Belt

Points to be noted

  1. Pupils with unkempt hair would be prevented from attending school.
  2. Long sleeved shirts are not allowed except in winter.
  3. Wind cheaters and jackets to be allowed only for travel and not within the school premises.
  4. Shoes must be black, leather. Boys are to wear shoes with laces. Slip-ons are not allowed.
  5. The school belt is an essential part of the school uniform.
  6. Students must wear their respective house badges and parliament badges.
  7. Every student must carry his/her identity card to school every day and wear it on his / her person.
  8. Casuals will not be allowed on any occasion unless permitted by the school, since it disturbs the required discipline of the school.
  9. Students of classes VI- XII are not allowed to wear casuals to school on their birthdays
  10. No student from class VI onwards shall be allowed to enter school premises in casuals even if he/she is coming for extra classes / remedial classes / or any other purpose.