Lecture capture is an umbrella term describing the technology that allows instructors to record their lectures and make them available online for the students so that they can re-watch and learn the concepts at their own pace.

Though this technology cannot replace the actual in-class instruction, it offers three important benefits:

  1. An alternative for a student when he/she is absent from school.
  2. An opportunity to re-learn the concept and review the contents.
  3. 24X7 accessibility of the contents which can be a great help to prepare them for exams.
  4. Class room teaching mentoring and monitoring.

Apart from this Flipped Classroom is a highly effective teaching strategy. It is a blended learning approach and reverses the traditional learning environment. Students watch pre-recorded videos from home. It offers following benefits:

  1. Encourages the students to come prepared for the class.
  2. Students learn at their own pace.
  3. Offers more one to one time between teacher and student.
  4. Students can spend more time collaborating with one another:

At Fr. Agnel group of schools, we have been successfully using this lecture capturing technology. Almost all our classrooms have state-of-art Lecture Capturing Camera setup enabled by Impartus Innovations Private Limited, which was founded in 2013 by a passionate group of IIT and IIM alumnus. All our students from class IV to XII have access to all lectures conducted in the school on daily a basis, retrieve lessons taught a year back.

This Lecture Capturing and flipped classroom technology has transformed the learning, teaching, and assessment systems in our school. It is the foresightedness of the visionary leadership of our Director Fr. J A Carvalho that enabled our school to cruise relatively smoothly into the domain of online learning thrust at us by thePandemic.

A few photos of our Lecture Capturing @ Fr. Agnel School, New Delhi.