At Agnel’s MUN has been conducted for several years at intra and inter school levels. The SPARK MUN logo depicts ‘Ad infinitum et ultra’ meaning- “to infinity and beyond”. Here students are provided a platform to explore the endless chasm of knowledge and chase the answers to all the infinite global concerns that the youth come across viz war, racism, poverty, crumbling economies, environmental crises, health issues, women empowerment, etc.

Just infinite concern is not enough, so at SPARK MUN it is made sure that every idea that blooms is spread across the nation and the world and they make a difference

SPARK MUN is not just a conference but an enlightening experience of a lifetime, a hallmark what big hearts and brave minds can do. Here the SPARK within each individual is ignited. Though its an event of intense debate, discussion and getting resolutions passed, at Agnel’s we ensure it’s a debate of hope. It’s the hope of true learning. It is the hope of actually finding the solution to the global problems, the hope of shaping oneself into leader of tomorrow, the hope for an introvert to gain confidence in himself/herself in the intellectually challenging but comforting atmosphere. At the end the young future diplomates leave not with awards but beautiful moments that they cherish throughout their lifetime and have stories to tell.