Our core values

  • We believe that we are all God’s children. We therefore respect everyone, regardless of what they profess, how they worship, dress, eat or live, what language they speak, which region they come from, because they are all God’s children, and part of our human family.
  • Our belief, enshrined in our Institutional logo, which is the primary teaching of Jesus Christ ‘ Love your Neighbour as Yourself’ will be our guiding light always. We believe in the equality of every citizen, and will not discriminate against anyone, based on community, caste, creed, ethnicity, difference of ability etc.
  • We believe in the Constitution of India, as our common law and pledge to safeguard its values at all times. We believe in and celebrate the rich diversity of India, and its multi cultural heritage of people, customs, traditions, forms of worship, and as result their symbols and Holy Books.
  • We believe that as School we are called to make a difference by what we believe, teach and hold on to, and we strive to teach each student here to do the same. We hold that as an institute of education we are called to be transparent, open to ideas and always responsive to the people’s needs.
  • We believe that our environment is our common heritage that has been given to us in trust, and pledge to respect if at all times and teach students to do the same, so that we can safely pass it on, to further generations.
  • We believe that education is a life long process and every one is a ife long learner, if he or she is truly educated. Life long learning happens when an individual learns and strives to become a critical thinker. We will ensure that critical thinking will be a core element of our teaching and learning. Students will learn to question, analyze, evaluate and create, as part of their everyday life.
  • As our School Crest beckons us ‘ BRAVE MINDS AND BIG HEARTS ’, we are aware that we are called to challenge our limitations and strive to soar high (BRAVE MINDS) , while at the same time be truly concerned (BIG HEARTS) about the welfare of others. Our care and concern for others, specially the poor and the disadvantaged is an integral part of our ethos here, and we will ensure that every single student is sensitive towards others and learns to respond to their needs.