Art Education

Art education is an integral part of our school education system which students have to take up regularly as a part of their curriculum. Art Education includes visual art and other performing arts such as music, dance, drama etc.

Subjects like mathematics, science, languages, history, geography include all forms of art to integrate with their lessons for better imagination and understanding.

Art Education and its integration helps in creating well rounded, well prepared learners and leaders. Students are able to express themselves, imagine and build their self-esteem. The art classes help the students with the development of their motor skills, language skills, decision making, boosting critical thinking and inventiveness. It connects students with their culture and surroundings. Art education in school is no longer a luxury but a tool for holistic education.

Our school has classes, events and projects from time to time to teach, initiate, facilitate and encourage our students in the field of visual Art.

Visual art includes both 2D and 3D drawing, crafts, paintings, print making, photography, graffiti, designing, illustration, props making, utility art and crafts, tie and dye etc. in our school.


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