Remediation Program

Remedial Teaching is integral to any learning program. It helps struggling learners improve their basic academic skills. It addresses learning gaps which are not related to any disability and can eliminate the need for referral to Special Education.

Our school has a robust remedial program that is rolled into place after the 1st Period Assessment (around two months into the new academic session). In the Primary school, students are sometimes removed from the regular class and taken for remediation for remediation in a separate setting. In classes VI-VIII the remediation is done after the student attends the regular classes.

In the Remedial Teaching Program, the teacher adapts the following ways to reach students more effectively and help pupils overcome their learning difficulties:

  1. The remedial class size is small (20-30 students). This enables the teacher to establish a close relationship with pupils, develop mutual trust and give them a one-on-one attention.
  2. The Remedial Teacher is in close contact with the regular teachers teaching these students and there is a constant feedback loop that is maintained with the teachers and the parents of these children.
  3. Designs a condensed syllabus that focuses on reinforcing the basic concepts required for a subject.
  4. Summarize main points
  5. Uses mind maps
  6. Teaches students simpler ways to solving problems.
  7. Designs worksheets to have short questions so students can comprehend easily. Students are not overwhelmed by a mountain of information.
  8. Helps pupils build self-confidence and a healthy self-image.

“In the wake of the closure of schools, induced by the coronavirus situation, School also maintain a list of the number of students/ parents who have no access to smart phones/internet/have migrated to their home towns due to loss of jobs. These students/parents were contacted over phone by the concerned class teachers and invited to the school to collect the study material /worksheets for all the subjects.