Western Music

The immense talent in our students keep the Flag waving high at Agnels be it in sports,art,drama, dance or music..

Music and singing have always been the main focus for every in-house presentation and functions since many years. Our kids executive the music and songs with utmost enthusiasm and constantly look forward to winning. The band members keep changing every two to three years while the consistency is to the point, every batch leaves a great mark behind and the reputation moves on.

Fr. Agnels Delhi are the winners of the most prestigious inter school western Music contest in the capital, .'.Pepsi Storm' champions for seven years out of eight, while the biggest of all the 'Samsung' contest which was held for three days over 100 schools participation. Fr. Agnel lifted the overall trophy .. "We are the Champions".

We rock every inter school music meet hosted by different schools of Delhi and I thank on behalf of our staff and students to Fr. Bento, Fr. Carvalho and Fr. Roy for the great support in our music field.

Our boys and girls perform for every function in the school with perfection. Our musicals and plays are the talk of the Town, the greatest and most classic musical 'Jesus Christ The Superstar' was put up by our school band and the brilliant young actors finished it to the dot like no other. We also have all girls band for the first time ever ..here's wishing them the best always....Let The Music Play On...

God bless our school.