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16 / Dec

"Each of us has a gift and by ourselves we may not be self-sufficient. When we join hands with one another, we can overcome any challenge."

The K.G. children presented a mesmerizing musical extravaganza which was centered around the theme 'Building Bridges', i.e. Working in Unity. The show displayed the lives and daily activities of undersea creatures of the 'Great Coral Tides' community which came to an unexpected halt when an earthquake destroyed the Community Bridge, the reason for their livelihood and community spirit. Ms. Ray, the teacher at Agnel School for Little Corals, encouraged the Agnelites, who were dressed up as various sea creatures to bring the scattered coral community together. They reached out to different sea communities and played a vital role in persuading them to unite for the reconstruction of the broken bridge.

A variety of dances, songs and enactment were performed to present the storyline which brightened the horizon to the full. It was indeed a feast to the audience eyes to see the little ones swaying and waving yet keeping in tune with each other and with music.

The Agnelites learnt valuable lessons about 'Community Always Wins' and rising above differences to overcome any crisis.

Honorable Director, Fr. Carvalho lauded the efforts of our dazzling K.G. stars for putting on an exhilarating show and thanked the parent volunteers and teachers for their support and hard work.

Respected Principal, Fr. Roy delivered his enlightening speech in which he appreciated the students and the involved team for displaying an outstanding show.

The event concluded with the singing of the School Hymn.