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28 / Jul

Annual Prize Distribution 2023 not only commemorated excellent academicians but also celebrated dance- a language of the soul. This year's theme, The Dance Story, projected the evolution and growth of dance with the passing of time. From ancient to modern, this enthralling 'story' was narrated to the audience through various dance glimpses, while our sublime anchors sailed us through the story by simultaneously mentioning its nuances, subtleties and the very essence of the evolving dance forms.

APD encouraged students from classes VI to XII to keep excelling in their field of interest- be it academics, culture, sports or the school parliament. All the commendable performers received cash prizes, trophies and certificates. Indeed, our Director Fr. Carvalho practices what he preaches, "Everyone must get their due."

This year's APD was extra special. We welcomed with elation and pride, two new award categories namely, Fr. Bento's Award and Fr. Carvalho's Award. These awards were given in order to celebrate 50 years of Priesthood of our reverend Fr. Bento and Fr. Carvalho. The award was conferred on children who focused on not just being excellent academicians but also strong yet gentle human beings with big hearts and brave minds, and who lived-up to our school's motto 'Love your neighbour as yourself.'

With an overwhelming gathering of parents, grandparents, relatives and children, Annual Prize Distribution was a joyous event. The joy knew no bounds when each face exited Maitri Hall with a beaming smile. Indeed, APD 2023, the 2-day event, closed on a successful and happy note.

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