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11 / Oct

On October 11, 2023, a special assembly was conducted for class K.G. children to highlight the significance of the festival Dusshera, which depicts the "Victory of Good over Evil."

The event began with the prayer 'Hey Ram, Hey Ram..' and was then followed by the story narration 'Ayodhya ke Raja Ram', which presented the events and narratives from the Epic Ramayana. The children came dressed as the story characters.

The theme 'Helping Hands' emphasised the festival's spirit. Children were taught the importance of helping one another and working together as a team to complete any task successfully. They were inspired by the characters of Little Sniper and Lord Hanumana, and his vanar Sena; briefing them about how they helped Lord Rama. The examples given helped children understand that size is not an indicator of strength. With true willingness, everyone has the ability to help each other succeed in any task.

The key take away from the event was that we should always do good as what the festival is known for.