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19 / Oct

"A father’s love is a ‘Guiding Light’ that shines through every step of life..."

On October 19th, 2023, Little Agnelities of class K.G. enjoyed the event 'Guiding Lights' with their Super Dads. The event was organized to celebrate the selfless love and the never-ending gratitude towards the man of the family, who does and feels a lot but never shows it.

Rejoicing in this precious bond, the fathers were welcomed with a light bulb cutout on which they wrote their beautiful messages and blessings for their little ones.

Live music was played by Ma’am Betsy which was enjoyed by all.

The children were excited to have their Super Dads with them, and it was lovely to see the father-child duo enjoying themselves together in colour coordinated T-shirts.

The day began with the prayer, followed by children surprising their fathers by singing a special song, 'If I were a butterfly' for them. The eyes filled with happy tears showed the ceaseless love of all the fathers for their children.

To bring back that same zest, all the dads were asked to perform on the peppy beats of the action songs 'Baby Shark and If You Are Happy, You Know It'. Children joyfully cheered for their Super Dads and enjoyed seeing them dancing on some of their favorite songs.

Next, The Medal ceremony was held, where children ran towards their fathers, honored them with the 'Super Dad' medals, hugged, and expressed their love and gratitude by saying, 'Thank you, Daddy, for all the things you do for us'. The fathers were overwhelmed and overjoyed by the beautiful gesture.

The next part of the programme was held in the auditorium, where an interclass game 'Saathi hath badhana' was played enthusiastically and with full zeal by all the dads.

Respected Fr. Roy, enlightened and inspired our dear fathers with his words of wisdom.

Last but not least, the event concluded with an activity where the duo put their hands together and made their own DIY Dandiya sticks.

The ambience was filled with joy and happiness when our super dads energetically and cheerfully enjoyed dancing with their kids on the ‘Dandiya Beats’.

The event was a wonderful celebration of the special bond shared by children and dads and it added more colours to the ongoing festivities, memories of which will be cherished forever.