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Independence Day Celebration Senior

15 / Aug

On 14th August 2023, Fr. Agnel School celebrated INDIA in the special assembly held at the school grounds. Independence Day was celebrated with great fervor and heartfelt patriotism. The day commenced with the hymn 'Humko Mann ki Shakti Dena' sung by the Hindi Music choir, which was followed by the unfurling of our National Flag. Along with this pious act, the National Anthem was sung by the whole school whole-heartedly.

Some Agnelites along with the NCC cadets marched forth efficiently and vigorously, further putting-up an act which filled the hearts of the young audience with pride and positive influence.

The highlight of the day was the respected Chief Guest CRPF Ms. Kamal Sisodia who graced the occasion with her immediate and extended family. Ms. Kamal Sisodiya gave an enlightening and influential speech which indeed left a thoughtful impact on the young minds. She focussed on how necessary it is to be and stay motivated in order to have a successful life. She further elaborated on how mandatory it is to learn self-defense and carry a brave heart along with a fearless exterior.

Our dear Principal Fr. Roy then addressed the gathering and like always, inspired the Agnelites. He rekindled in the students the flame of unity and togetherness, and reiterated that there is immense beauty in diversity, something that our Land is profoundly blessed with. Following this, the Agnelites-cum-NCC cadets were given certificates of recognition and acknowledgement for their prolonged and discomforting training sessions which the determined girls held-on to with undying determination.

After these well-deserved accolades, the melodious and soothing spirit of the day mingled subtly and swiftly with the mesmerizing 'Raag Malhaar' hummed by the Hindi Music choir. As the audience hummed and swayed along, a beautiful and thought-provoking dance was presented by the Western Dance group on the theme of 'Environment and Nature's Protection', indeed a dire need of the hour, and what better occasion than Independence Day!

Saving the best for the last, the assembly witnessed tiny toddlers singing the National Song 'Vande Mataram'. Despite the difficult lyrics, our young Agnelites sang flawlessly and reverently. With this spirit of patriotism, togetherness, unity, growth and prosperity, big hearts and brave minds Agnelites headed to their classrooms.