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Dear Students


Hope you all are fit and fine at home. I know we all are going through a lot of stress at home – stress of studies, stress of homework, stress of not being able to meet your friends, stress of not being able to go out for your favourite activities and so on. But I would like to say that please look on the brighter side – you are getting to spend a lot of time with your family and getting to know them better, getting to help your parents in the daily household activities and getting to do lots of other extra activities at home which you never got time for. And one of those activities is taking care of your body.
Most of the people say that they don’t get time for exercise, but now you have all the time to take care of yourself especially in the absence of all that street food that lacked any nutrient. Also, being indoors all the time, in your bed, can affect not only your physical outlook, but also your mental health. So, for the holistic development of your body and to help you concentrate more on your studies, you need to do physical activities even while at home.
Physical activity in any form is a great way to keep you physically healthy as well as improving your mental well being. Research shows that doing exercise influences the release and uptake of feel-good chemicals called endorphins in the brain. Even a short burst of 10 minutes physical activities positively increases mental alertness, energy and mood.
As you are attending online/virtual classes, it is equally important to invest in your overall physical, emotional and mental well-being at home during this period.
Keeping this in mind CBSE and Fit India Mission have collaborated to provide live sessions by experts covering a range of topics for holistic well-being of school going children, which will include simple actionable tips around Basic Exercises, Nutrition, Yoga & Meditation, boosting immunity etc. These sessions will be LIVE on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram daily at 9.30 AM starting from 15th April 2020, for a period of one month at following links:
1. Youtube- Channel name – Fit India Movement, link –
2. Facebook: @FitIndiaOff
3. Instagram: @fitindiaoff

All the live sessions are downloadable and can be viewed at anytime, anywhere. The overall objective of these sessions will be to help you stay fit and healthy while pursuing online classes as well as help you to cultivate a sustainable and active lifestyle.
Also, we will be uploading videos on the school website under the sports tab. These would be short 5 minute videos including exercises that could be done at any point of time in the day to keep your body flexible and help you relax by keeping away the stress. These 5 minute breaks at least twice a day can keep you going. You can make your parents involved in these sessions too and exercise together to make it more fun and a family activity. Also, eat healthy and nutritious food to increase the immunity of your body against every disease and also keep u in good shape.
Remember students, this is the time to do something for yourself – YOUR OWN SELF. Do it for your own body and not for someone else. After all, it’s our own body that matters the most and can keep us going.
All the Best. Hoping to see you all in good shapes after the vacations.
Stay Safe, Stay strong, Stay home.
Do go through the school website.
Sports Department
Father Agnel School
Gautam Nagar
New Delhi
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Please keep watching the following link for exercises. Daily new videos will be uploaded.