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Dear Students

Greetings from

Western Dance Teacher : Shirisha Kanwar

(Lesson 1)

Objective of learning : Learning the prerequisites of dance and a dance class and understanding their importance in your growth as a dancer.

At the end of the page is a link in blue ink to your 1st online class. You may or may not be able to perfect everything by yourselves, but the point is to try well, pay attention and learn with a light heart. All the queries can be taken up when I see you in school so make sure after each class you write all your questions in your dance notebooks!


One’s dancing can be influenced by multiple factors away from just how much effort you put into a step. If you wish to be a great dancer you must be conscious of the following:
1. What you put into your body because what you eat is what you become. (Eating a lot of potato chips are going to turn you into a potato which will then make you a sluggish mover)
2. How you breathe in and outside class.
3. How active you stay during the day.
4. What level of flexibility and strength (both are equally important) your body naturally possesses and what you do to improve those levels.

Today’s lesson focuses on this very last point and so the video link contains dance centric work out that can help you become stronger and more flexible simultaneously.

Before you switch on the video, go through all the instructions below carefully.

Instructions :
1. Students, before you switch on the video, make sure you are dressed properly for a dance class. You can wear a comfortable lower and t shirt for practicing at home.
2. Follow everything with undivided attention and focus on the minor details.
3. Be careful of your surroundings and the space. Be intelligent while moving and do not hurt yourself.
4. Don’t forget to challenge yourself. Calculated repetition is the key to building a body that shall last you a lifetime of wear and tear. Repeat exercises until they start to feel really challenging.That is how you’ll grow.
Try things that are new, practice the old ones, challenge yourself and have fun with it!

Link : https://youtu.be/0HpuL_cW2dk

Lesson 2

Objectives of learning :
1. Understanding style and body language for jazz
2. Applying the concept of ‘Isolations’ to achieve the body language required for jazz.
3. Introduction to fixing a routine (dance) on different songs

Note from the teacher:

Hello students,
This lesson contains 2 videos. Video 1 is a tutorial video and Video 2 is the routine performed on counts and two different songs. Video 1 is an explained version for Video 2. The students who can pick up quickly may choose to skip the first video and learn from Video 2 itself. For the one’s who need detailed explanation, or are new to the club, view Video 1 for learning the dance and the move to Video 2. Now open the videos to know the rest.
Happy Dancing!

Video 1 (Tutorial) Link :

Video 2 (Choreography with counts and music) :